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Hemo 15
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Hemo 15


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Hemo 15 is a solution of nutritional substances (B-group vitamins, amino acids, minerals) especially formulated for athletic horses, to enhance muscle metabolism, stimulate hematopoiesis and to sustain a lipotropic effect,contributing to maintaining correct functioning of the liver. The formula can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly, thus having an exclusive nutritional function.

The effect of B-group vitamins administered parenterally is fundamentally antitoxic, hepato-protective, aiding in the prevention and care of forms of anemia, and stimulating energy metabolism.
Additionally, it can be employed in the prevention and treatment of debilitating conditions, in preparing for competitions, after competition to accelerate recovery times, as a support in antibiotic therapy, in syndromes of impaired performance and the various types of stress athletic horses are subject to. B-group vitamins (cyanocobal-amine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacinamide, pantothenol, choline, biotin, inositol);micronutrients (iron, cobalt, copper);

Indications for use of B-group vitamins are linked to the fact that under conditions of stress or altered metabolism, reserves can be depleted with greater rapidity. B-group vitamins are considered by sports medicine to be biological analeptics because of their effect on various metabolisms (sugar, lipids, protein).
The micronutrients present in the product (iron, copper, cobalt) are able to stimulate hematopoeisis and therefore produce synergetic effects with vitamins B12, B2 and B6, which also function as hematopoetic agents. The presence of Methionine, together with choline and inositol, ensures effective lipotropic activity, i.e. is capable of preventing or causing abnormal accumulations of fats in the liver to subside. Lysine constitutes the number one limiting essential amino acid, assuredly lacking in common cereal-based rations for horses. Glycine is undoubtedly of interest for preventive applications against lactic acidosis and preventing muscular damage due to athletic effort.

Sale is not subject to any obligation for veterinary-medical prescription. Not positive in antidoping tests.  

COMPOSITION Vitamin B12 150 mcg • Copper gluconate 0,2 mg • Iron ammonium citrate 15 mg • Choline chloride 10 mg • Pyridoxina (vitamin B6) 10 mg • d-Biotin 10 mcg • Riboflavin (B2) as 5-phosphate sodium 13,8 mg • Inositol 10 mg • Niacinamide 100 mg • dl-Glicine 20 mg • d-Panthenol 15 mg • L-Lisine chloride 20 mg • Cobalt gluconate 0,7 mg •
dl-Methionin 20 mg • Benzyl alcohol 20 mg 
1 ml for every 45 kg. of body weight on alternating days for 4 - 5 days intravenously or intramuscularly.
Hemo 15 can be added to intravenous solutions.
In preparing for competitions: administration 24 hours prior to race is recommended. 
PACKAGING 100-ml bottle.


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