Savegard 3 kg

SAVEGARD is a mixture of specific ingredients to maintain gastric functionality in horses of all types and of all ages. As it is by now widely known, there are risk factors, not only in particular situations or due to particular types of activities (e.g. ace-horses) but also in the “classic” situations of the life of any horse (e.g. weaning or traumas) when the anatomical and functional integrity of the horse’s gastric structure may be compromised. The ingredients of SAVEGARD act on the structural components of the digestive system, and offer an overall protection of the gastric mucosa.


  • Rice middlings: Important effect on the gastrointestinal tract
    • Increases intestinal motility and reduces acid secretion
  • FermSoy: Preserves digestive tract integrity
    • Controls gastric secretion improving the production of mucosa
    • Protects gastric mucosa from the action of hydrochloric acid
    • Neutralizes the excessive presence of hydrochloric acid
  • Bio-Mos: Improves the animal’s performance preserving its intestinal health
  • Calcium carbonate: Neutralizes gastric acidity
  • Slippery Elm (Ulmus Rubra): Lubricating-protective action• High content of substances with a mucilaginous action • Used in forms of hyperacidity

SAVEGARD is indicated in all those situations which present potential factors of risk at the onset of gastric problems, preceded, or accompanied by, more or less visible signs (poor appetite, weight loss, decreased athletic performance, poor coat): periods of intense physical exercise and training • during periods of competitions • transportation • traumas • diet types • confinement in box • pregnancy • pharmacological treatment