Fast Pro

FASTPRO is the effective combo of DIAMOND V that helps to maintain the health of the digestive tract digestive optimizing performance, and BIO-MOS, which strengthens hindgut immune system in the intestines against pathogens of the digestive tract. FASTPRO maintains gastro-intestinal tract healthy:

  • It contributes to maintenance and normalization of intestinal microflora
  • it strengthens the natural defenses
  • it supports digestive system functions
  • it helps/contributes to risk management/problem diarrhea

FASTPRO is suitable for:

  • foals
  • horse athlete
  • newborn and growing horses
  • horse breeding
  • elderly

BIO-MOS: it prevents colonization of pathogens by promoting the presence of microorganisms and preventing the colonization of pathogenic bacteria
DIAMOND V: it helps the horses to express themselves to the best of their genetic potential and athletic

  • Growning foals: weight gain and development body structure
  • Digestibility: Improvement of the nutritional value
  • Performance of the equine athlete:
    • Slow increase in plasma free fatty acids
    • Increase in the use of fat and saving utilization of glucose in blood in horses exercised
    • Quantitative reduction and slowing of the increase of lactic acid in plasma
    • In association with the iron improves the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood
    • Improvement in heart rate