4PROTECT has been formulated to support the health of the horse. It is a mixture of active natural source ingredients promoting the correct functioning of the immune system by acting on components of the first lines of defense immune system (macrophages) to address, in the most effective way, stressful situations that weaken the body’s defense system. It is an effective support for all types of horse:
  • Foaling mare
  • Foal in the early stages of growth
  • Horses in intense training course

4Protect in the new formulation makes the horse able  to have the immune system  keeping up with scientific research.


4Protect offers a natural selection for the well-being of the horse


Ascorbyl palmitate (particularly active form of vitamin C), polyphenols  from lignocellulose and olive, fermented extract based on licorice and turmeric, are an antioxidant system able to neutralize the excess of free radicals.

Arginine: important amino acid with regulating function of nitrogen metabolism

Beta-glucans: effects on phagocytic activity of monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, NK cells

Egg powder: rich in Y immunoglobulins, intestinal action

Glucosamine: connective action between the epithelial cells of the mucosa