IRONCYCLEN liquid contains iron, copper and cobalt to supplement diets which may be deficient in these essential minerals. Racing, training and other forms of hard exercise increase the requirement for iron. An adequate intake of iron and copper is necessary for the formation of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying component of red blood cells, which transports oxygen from the lungs to the body’s cells. Copper is also involved in bone development and the maintenance of elastic connective tissue. Cobalt has a role in nerve cell function and is essential for Vitamin B12 synthesis

IRONCYCLEN Liquid is suitable for all racing, performance, working and breeding horses, and racing and breeding greyhounds. It is recommended for:

  • High performance athletes. Training and competing are added stresses which increase the demand for iron
  • Significant blood loss: e.g. surgery, stomach ulcers, parasite burdens, lung bleeders
  • Animals in training prone to low blood counts and anaemia and requiring long term therapeutic treatment