Muscle Bone

MUSCLE BONE is a product is specially formulated to allow, in one administration, to associate tohether all the nutrients required to:

  • development and maintenance of a skeletal system, robust, strong and resistant
  • development and support muscle-tendon system

MUSCLE BONE is produced using highest quality ingredients, tested, and known for their effectiveness in bone formation and for the health joints, tendons and muscles ensuring musculoskeletal system’s optimal condition both during growing phase and for the maintenance during the life itself.

The components of MUSCLE BONE act synergistically:

  • they meet the demands of the organism in a growth phase for bone with high density structure capable of sustaining efforts and trauma resulting from physical activity
  • they provide nutrients useful both to the growth and development of muscle tissue as the recovery of the health of the joints and muscles in the period of activity

MUSCLE BONE acts on multiple levels:

    • CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS in optimal ratio 2: 1
    • LITHOTAMINUM: algae, source of calcium
    • SOY FLOUR FERMENTED: source of fat-soluble vitamin K2 helps bind calcium to the bone level
    • GLUCOSAMINE: precursor and main component of cartilage matrix
    • HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: structural protein, stimulating action on chondrocytes (cartilage cells)
    • METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE: source of sulfur, a component of cartilage matrix
    • LIQUORICE ROOT FERMENTED: intake of antioxidants to protect the articular environment from oxidative stress
    • WHEY PROTEIN POWDER: source of protein derived from milk globulins, quickly absorbed, come quickly to the organs in the process of growth and repair
    • AMIZATE®: a source of amino acids, short chain peptides and derivatives micronutrients from salmon protein, with high bioavailability and rapid absorption (> 60% in the free form), optimized for the health, performance and muscle recovery