SaHoMa® II

SaHoma® II is a device for administering inhalation therapies in horses.
The SaHoMa® II horse aerosol set is successfully used and recommended by many veterinary clinics, stables, professional and amateur riders.

Respiratory diseases are among the most common diseases in horses. Inhalation therapy with the SaHoMa®II aerosol set is optimal for:

  • the administration of treatments in respiratory diseases in horses
  • As a support to the respiratory system thanks to the humidifying action resulting from the use of saline solutions used by inhalation
  • The use of aerosol treatments allows the use of low-dose drugs, for the direct action of the drug at the respiratory tract level, with rapid and effective action compared to systemic therapies - considerably reducing the loss of active ingredient and unwanted effects
  • Possibility to make aerosol where, when and how is best for the horse, during training, in the box.


  • Direct application of aerosol for immediate inhalation with minimal leakage and efficiency over 70%.
  • Two programs to select the best atomisation according to the solution to be atomised
  • Integrated automatic switch-off function after the solution has been completely atomised
  • Allows the horse to breathe without resistance for stress-free inhalation
  • No contamination of the ambient air and no danger to those around you


  • Use without power cord: long-life rechargeable battery included in the scope of delivery, integrated in the mask for unlimited mobility.
  • easy application and quick cleaning
  • High quality guaranteed by the use of biocompatible materials and tested by human experience.

The SaHoMa®II horse aerosol set is equipped with the latest and most modern technology:

  • High acceptance by the horse due to the lightness and almost total absence of noise when in activity
  • Use of knitting technology to achieve optimal particle size for the treatment of high and low respiratory tract of the horse (45% of the generated particle size is ≤ 5μ)
  • Excellent atomisation speed for rapid and effective inhalation therapy
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Continuous mode and programming time
  • Integrated charge level indicator