Equality, at the service of your horse for more than 40 years
Equality is a company which distributes medicinal products, feed supplements and medication for horses. Initially, it operated throughout Italy, before going on to set up a distribution network in several other countries which share our passion for horses, by means of a series of subsidiaries and collaborators (including, among others, France, the Gulf States, Ireland, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and Malta).
In Italy, Equality has built up a network in the course of the years which covers the entire country and provides information and promotes the company products with veterinary surgeons and all the other operators involved in the care of horses.

The strong points of the Equality team are passion, experience and ongoing research into the development of avant-garde products which guarantee the health, wellbeing and most effective performance of your horses.

We invest in research into efficacious and innovative healthcare products, and take care to select synergic, functional components which offer complete action and are based on high quality raw materials.

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