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EAN13: 5010058057043

Multi-layered, highly absorbent pack, easy to use and suitable for a wide range of common horse problems.

  • Hot pack: abrasions, bruises, contaminated and infected wounds, abscesses
  • Cold pack: tendonitis, desmitis, schinelle, trauma


One envelope contains 1 flap

One box contains 10 flaps

Instructions for Use

  • Thoroughly clean the area to be treated
  • place the Animalintex flap in a shallow bowl, with the plasticised surface facing outwards
  • Pour water into the container around the edges of Animalintex
  • After it has soaked in water, remove the pack from the basin and remove the excess water with gentle pressure
  • Apply the pack to the affected area with the plasticised surface outwards (not in contact with the skin), shaping it around the edges of the application area
  • Apply an external restraining bandage, ensuring that the wrap is completely covered
Codes and attachments

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