Ascorbate Master C

EAN13: 8055320270116

The formulation of Ascorbate Master C is indicated to offer the horse a valid support for problems caused by the presence of oxidants.
The body’s exposition to these substances, whether they come from outside or are produced by the body itself, causes oxidative stress with consequent alteration of the balance between substances with an oxidant action and substances with an antioxidant action.
Vitamin C acts as a natural antioxidant, which is important in preventing damage caused by the excessive production of free radicals in the lungs (Deaton CM et al., Equine Vet J.Suppl.) 2002). Vitamin C is capable of regenerating and/or recycling the other components of the antioxidant system, especially vitamin E.
Vitamin C consumption depends on both the amount and the form in which it is available, Ascorbate Master C contains vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate:

  • contains ascorbate in non-acid form
  • it has a neutral pH
  • it has a buffering effect
  • it is more bioavailable


1.8 kg bucket


Dehulled oat meal • wheat • fructoligosaccharides • calcium carbonate • sucrose

Antioxidants: calcium ascorbate (1b302) 111 g

Instructions for Use

  • Horse (500 kg): 30 g per day (1 scoop)
  • Foal/pony: 15 g per day (half a scoop)

To mix into the feed ration

Recommended in combination with:

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