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Betamag Forte

GTIN: 03605874248434

Magnesium-zinc complex in liquid form

Liquid feeding stuff supplying a concentrate of magnesium and readily assimilated zinc trace elements (IPALIGO®). Betamag Forte helps horses to feel more comfortable in unfamiliar situations and to control unpredictable. Particularly recommended for competing horses or where magnesium intake is low.
Magnesium is known as an important neural factor, and if in sufficient supply, will prevent the release of stress hormones in the body. Similarly like magnesium, zinc also plays an important role in stress, zinc levels dropping in stressful situations. The zinc requirement for horses of all ages is around 50 mg/kg feed.


1 litre bottle


Magnesium aspartate, Sucrose

Trace elements: Zinc (as Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate) (3b607) 10.900 mg. Aromatic substances: Glycine (2b17034) 10480 mg

Instructions for Use

  • Chevaux (500 kg): 10 ml une ├á deux fois par jour.
  • Ponies: 5 ml once or twice a day

Administer for 2 to 4 weeks.
Mix with food, or swallow with water or an oral applicator.

Codes and attachments

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