Equitop Myoplast

GTIN: 04028691504238

Complementary feed to support the muscular structure of the horse.

The product’s herbal ingredient comes from algae Spiruline and supports the formation and functioning of muscles during periods of intense training.
This product is recommended for:

  • as a supplement when you want to strengthen the muscle structure, especially in sport horses or in cases where the horse’s musculature is weak;
  • for young horses in training periods;
  • during seasonal training (e.g. racehorses or event horses);
  • horses with reduced stamina and poor performance due to insufficient muscle structure;
  • for horses with painful muscle tensions, e.g. at the hindquarters;
  • for breeding horses;
  • for older horses to cover the increased need for high-value protein;
  • during periods of convalescence or interrupted training to avoid loss of muscle structure.


1.5 kg bucket


Spirulina Platensis algae

Instructions for Use

  • Large horse (500 kg): 50 g (2 scoops) per day
  • Foals and ponies: 25 g (1 scoop) per day

Feed Equitop Myoplast mixed with the usual food ration for at least 4 weeks.
In periods of intense performance, the daily amount can be doubled.

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