EAN13: 8055320270451

A product based on blackcurrants and fermented turmeric. Horses’ hooves are subject to constant stress, and to ensure their healthy condition efficient circulation of the blood is essential.
The ingredients contained in Lamicur are sources of substances (curcuminoids and flavonoids) whose anti-oxidant properties and their key role in the protection of the blood vessels contribute to:

  • the control of oxidising species which are harmful to the tissues produced by the organism
  • the maintenance of physiological blood circulation


2 kg bucket


Alfalfa meal • wheat • fermented turmeric root (7.5%) • dried Ribes nigrum (blackcurrant) • dried apple • sunflower oil

Binders: sepiolite (E562) 10,000 mg

Instructions for Use

Horse (500 kg): 50 g (1 scoop) per day

To be mixed into the daily feed

Recommended in combination with:

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