Vetrap 3M

Elastic bandage for restraint and maintenance. Lightweight, strong and porous, suitable for wound protection, holding dressings in place and tail dressing.

  • Adheres to itself without the need for additional fixings
  • maintains mobility
  • easy to remove, does not stick to the hair
  • allows the bandaged area to breathe
  • water- and sweat-proof
  • if sufficient pressure is applied, it can be used to stop bleeding while remaining flexible enough not to impair blood circulation


  • Vetrap 5 cm:box of 200 pieces (can be sold individually)
  • Vetrap 7,5 cm: box of 150 pieces (can be sold individually)
  • Vetrap 10 cm: box of 100 pieces (can be sold individually)

Instructions for Use

Under no circumstances should the band be applied with a higher tension than 50% of the maximum tension.

Available colours

  • Vetrap 5 cm: blue, red, green
  • Vetrap 7,5 cm: blue, red, green
  • Vetrap 10 cm: blue, fuchsia, yellow, black, green, red
Codes and attachments

Recommended in combination with:

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