EAN13: 8055320270161

Branched-chain amino acids for high performance and short recovery times.
The presence of fermented soy flour (FermSoy) safeguards the maintenance of optimal conditions in the horse’s intestine for a better absorption of amino acids.


50 g oral paste syringe


Yeast hydrolyzed • soy flour fermented (FermSoy) • glycerine • glucose syrup • whey powder • powder cellulose • sucrose

Aminoacids: L-isoleucine (3c381) 77g, L-leucine (3c382) 85 g, L-hystidine monohydrochloride (3c352) 76 g;
Flavourings: L-valine (2b17028) 72 g;
Vitamins: L-carnitine L- tartrate (3a911) 5 g

Instructions for Use

Horse (500 kg): 1 syringe per day

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