Cohesive bandage useful for the maintenance of bandages, post-operative dressings and tail dressings.
Its characteristics are:

  • high resistance to rubbing
  • is easily torn by hand without the need for scissors,
  • controlled compression (not constrictive)
  • adheres to itself without being sticky on the hair
  • water- and sweat-proof
  • provides support for tendons and ligaments, maintaining position even in particularly difficult conditions


  • Flex-1-One 5 cm: box containing 24 bands
  • Flex-1-One 7,5 cm: box containing 12 bands
  • Flex-1-One 10 cm: box containing 12 bands

Instructions for Use

Under no circumstances should the band be applied with a tension greater than 50% of the maximum tension

Codes and attachments

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