Super Power

EAN13: 8055320270208

in its new formulation offers in a single administration:

  • Concentration and energy available for maximum performance
  • Antioxidant action to counteract the negative effects of free radicals in order to maintain an efficient respiratory system
  • Supporting action on joints by preserving and supporting their functionality


50 g oral paste syringe


Cane molasses hydrolyzed (Dextrophos) • product from Aspergillus oryzae rich in protein • glycerine • methylsulphonylmethane • powder cellulose • glucosamine from animal tissues • rice oil • yeasts products • potassium chloride • sucrose • cornstarch pre-gelatinised • freeze-dried melon juice and pulp (Melofeed®) • palm oil

Vitamins: vitamin E (3a700) 9,700 mg, vitamin C (3a300) 19.6 g;
Trace element: zinc (zinc sulphate monohydrate) (3b605) 73 mg, selenium (sodium selenite) (3b801) 45.5 mg;
Preservatives: DL-malic acid (E296) 30 g;
Flavourings: turmeric extract 10 g, olive extract 5,000 mg, liquorice extract 30 g.

Instructions for Use

Horse (500 kg): 1 syringe (50 g) 4 hours before competition

Recommended in combination with:

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